The 100

'The 100' Renewed for Season 5 on The CW
Don’t you worry about that pesky nuclear apocalypse threatening denizens of The 100, at least a few un-melted faces will make it after all. The CW confirms that Clarke and other survivors will continue their no-good, very-bad cohabitation of Earth in Season 5, following an official renewal.
'The 100' Season 4 Clip: Earth Has Six Months to Live
Things have always looked pretty grim for The 100, and Season 4 may take things to a whole new level. Our first clip from the Wednesday premiere explicitly spells out our nuclear doom unfurling within six months, evoking a surprising (yet notably tense) reaction from Jasper and others.
'The 100' Season 4 Poster Watches the World Burn
There’s no force more deadly than Mother Nature herself, and The 100 are about to discover no amount of Grounders, Mountain Men or A.I. can compete (not for laugh of trying). See for yourself in the first Season 4 poster, as Clarke and co. stare down nuclear doom, albeit a very pretty one.
'The 100' Goes Nuclear in First Season 4 Trailer
The CW’s iZombie may not return until April, but midseason pal The 100 is gearing up for a February Season 4 premiere, and the threat of nuclear annihilation at that. See for yourself, as our first Season 4 trailer sees Clarke and her fellow survivors scouring the cursed earth to save what re…

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