Things have always looked pretty grim for The 100, and Season 4 may take things to a whole new level. Our first clip from the Wednesday premiere explicitly spells out our nuclear doom unfurling within six months, evoking a surprising (yet notably tense) reaction from Jasper and others.

IGN debuted the first official clip from Wednesday Season 4 premiere “Echoes,” as Raven (Lindsey Morgan) explains the world’s current radiation level. A.L.I.E. spelled it out for Clarke in the Season 3 finale, specifically that the world has six months before self-sustaining nuclear reactors go critical, for which Jasper has a surprisingly hopeful reaction.

So reads the February 1 premiere synopsis:

Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and her friends struggle with how to proceed after the fate of the world is revealed. Paige Turco, Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos, Devon Bostick, Lindsey Morgan, Christopher Larkin, Richard Harmon, Zach McGowan, Isaiah Washington and Henry Ian Cusick also star.

Thus far, relatively little is known of The 100 Season 4, other than an echo-y premiere title, and the ascension of Black Sails star Zach McGowan’s Roan to series regular. Adina Porter’s Indra and Nadia Hilker’s Luna will also return, joining Chai Romruen as jaded Grounder Ilian, and we’ll meet characters from the Glowing Forest Clan, Ice Nation and Shallow Valley Clans.

We’ll see more over the next few days, but check out the first photos, and watch the first trailers for The 100 Season 4 below.

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