Whether or not The 100’s sci-fi Season 3 endgame lived up to the prior year’s showdown with Mount Weather, Season 4 is preparing to introduce an enemy with no allegiance: nature itself. We saw that in spades by the first trailer, and now new photos tease Grounders and Ark survivors alike ready to rise up against Clarke.

Entertainment Weekly released the first official photos of the new season before its February 1 premiere, the first of which should please shippers of Bellamy and Clarke. That said, showrunner Jason Rothenberg teased that both former followers of the City of Light and Grounders are angry with Clark for condemning them to radioactive doom over a virtual eternity:

Additionally, the new photos offer a first look at Chai Romruen as Ilian, a Grounder who was “forced to do some horrible things while being driven by A.L.I.E.”

Thus far, relatively little is known of The 100 Season 4, other than an echo-y premiere title, and the ascension of Black Sails star Zach McGowan’s Roan to series regular. Adina Porter’s Indra and Nadia Hilker’s Luna will also return, and we’ll meet characters from the Glowing Forest Clan, Ice Nation and Shallow Valley Clans.

We’ll see much more on the road to February 1, but watch the first trailer for The 100 Season 4 and highlight reel below.

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