The Dark Knight Rises

Twist and Shout
You know the feeling. You're watching a movie and you're loving it. Like really loving it. You're thinking "Wow, I think I may actually be watching a really great movie!" And then it happens: a plot twist so dumb, so inane, so nonsensical that it sends the …
No Nolan for 'Justice League'
Poor 'Justice League.' It just can't catch a break. When news broke that Warner Bros. wanted their own version of Marvel's 'The Avengers' to hit the big screen, fans of the DC universe were in hysterics, but the project has been seesawing back and forth between "Yah, we will make it" and &…
Unused 'Dark Knight' Posters
With a big-budget film like 'The Dark Knight Rises,' there were many drafts of the script, costumes, concept art and the like that did not make the final cut. For one, we all know that one of Bane's original design was more akin to the comic book villain than the one Tom Hardy portrayed on the scree…
Best Movie of 2012!
'The Dark Knight Rises' was by far one of the summer's main highlights, but even though it wasn't nominated for a Golden Globe or an Academy Award this year, movie fans have named it the Best Movie of 2012.

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