You'd think we'd be sick of seeing people cosplay as Bane from 'The Dark Knight Rises,' but this guy's spot-on costume is too awesome to ignore.

Ryan Denton of Chandler, Arizona put together this great Bane cosplay, which was featured in TheRPF forums. It's one of the most screen-accurate Bane costumes we've yet to see around here, and there have been a ton since 'The Dark Knight Rises' hit theaters last summer.

Ryan got up close and personal with a Batman cosplayer, and the results will make you do a double-take. Are these outtakes from the film with stunt doubles, or are these two cosplayers just having a good time? Okay, obviously it's the latter, but we really do applaud Ryan's commitment to detail. The mask is spectacular and even his vest and pants are pretty spot-on. We just wish he'd make a replica of Bane's amazing winter coat. That guy knows how to keep his priorities in order when taking over a city -- keeping warm is so important.

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