With a big-budget film like 'The Dark Knight Rises,' there were many drafts of the script, costumes, concept art and the like that did not make the final cut. For one, we all know that one of Bane's original design was more akin to the comic book villain than the one Tom Hardy portrayed on the screen. For another, the promotional artwork went through a number of changes as well. Just take a look at these gun and ammunition-themed posters that Warner Bros. almost used to promote Christopher Nolan's final Batman film.

According to Comic Book Movie, word was that Warner Bros. planned on releasing a series of animated one-sheets for 'The Dark Knight Rises' of Bane and Batman sculpted from guns and ammunition shells, on which 3D conceptual designer Thom Schillinger worked. Also amid the imagery were one-sheet conceptions for Bane's head rendered with typography, though ultimately neither those nor the gun-themed options were used to market the film.

You can check out the full images of the scrapped 'Dark Knight Rises' posters below, and for more information on Schillinger's conceptual work, click over to his blog. What do you think? Should Warner Bros. have used these designs to market the movie? Let us know in the comments.


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