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HBO Dramas Confirmed to Leave Amazon Prime in 2018
Just over a week ago, Amazon fervently denied reports that its three-year HBO deal would expire in May, removing access to all-time HBO greats like The Wire or Six Feet Under. The confusion was attributed to technical error, but reports now confirm the deal will actually expire in 2018.
HBO Dramas NOT Leaving Amazon Prime Next Month
Now that any HBO viewer can buy their own streaming package outside a cable subscription, one had to wonder what would become of Amazon Prime’s old deal to host some of the network’s best shows. Sadly, you may have only weeks to catch some of HBO’s best series like The Wire or S…
Franco-Gyllenhaal Porn Drama 'The Deuce' Gets HBO Order
HBO had plenty to announce by the recent TCA press tour (as well to keep quiet), and now some more good news has flown in under the wire. The network has handed a series order to a ‘70s New York porn drama from The Wire creator David Simon, rounded out by James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal. N…

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