Arrow Season 4 didn’t quite clue us into next year’s big bad the way Season 3 name-dropped Damien Darhk, leaving fans to sleuth out his or her identity with “charming” descriptions. Now, an new report says the Arrow Season 5 big bad will take a few cues from legendary The Wire villain Stringer Bell, with just a hint of Jason Momoa.

Per TVLine, the obscurely-named “Anton Church” (likely a cover for now) is noted as a ruthless crime lord who sets out to fill void left by Damien Darhk and his H.I.V.E. minions, as well an “apex predator” who “cuts his way through the shadows.” The figure also has an eye to take down “the biggest threat first,” presumably the superhero team consistently stopping (or at least slowing) threats to Star City year after year.

In addition to the role’s comparison with Stringer Bell (iconically played by a then-less-prolific Idris Elba), the casting report also tosses in the physical dimensions of Game of Thrones / Aquaman star Jason Momoa. Despite the bulk, however, Stephen Amell previously suggested the figure would lack any of the superpowers, meta or magic, that made Damien Darhk and others such a threat.

Worth noting, the report also seems to distance “Anton Church” from the earlier “James” role, which itself may or may not be related to a new vigilante with more dangerous methods than Oliver’s.

Elsewhere of Season 5, we know that Oliver’s tenure as Star City mayor will pit him against a “charming” new adversary, while Stephen Amell has downplayed the likelihood of The Flash’s time-turning twist affecting any Arrow chronology. We’ll also have Echo Kellum elevated to series regular as Curtis Holt, while Colton Haynes will reportedly return as Roy Harper for a number of episodes.

We’ll likely hear more of Arrow Season 5 on the road to Comic-Con 2016, but what make we of the new heroes and villains joining the ranks?

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