‘Weeds’ Season Finale Review: “It’s Time”
'Weeds' takes its biggest leap yet -- in faith and time -- in the series finale, "It's Time." We're 10 years in the future, eliminating the need to tie up loose ends because the show can just create new ones. But is it a clever way to wrap up seven seasons or a …
‘Weeds’ Review: “Saplings”
"Convenience" is a word we fear in television shows -- a word that indicates an avoidance of effort for the sake of tidying up a narrative. This week 'Weeds' embraced convenience by evaporating Jill and sending Andy off on his next relationship adventure. "Abrupt…
‘Weeds’ Review: “Five Miles From Yetzer Hara”
"How far is it from beginning to end," Stevie asks Nancy near the end of this week's 'Weeds' as she stares existentially at a map of New England, where her job is sending her for two weeks out of every month. And even though Nancy left her drug business behind, she&a…
‘Weeds’ Review: “Unfreeze”
What's the old saying? Take one step forward, take two steps back? Everyone on 'Weeds' is just trying to do the right thing, but maybe they're not wired that way -- and maybe it's time they (and more importantly, we) accept that.
‘Weeds’ Review: “Red in Tooth and Claw”
Nancy continues to try and dig her and her family out of the massive hole she's dug over seven seasons in this week's episode of 'Weeds,' titled "Red in Tooth and Claw." This week is a marked improvement over the first four episodes, exploring how easily it is t…
‘Weeds’ Review: “Only Judy Can Judge”
In this week's episode of 'Weeds,' Nancy continues to maintain her more empathetic demeanor as we trudge down to the series finale. Unfortunately, Nancy's new laid back attitude mirrors the lifelessness in "Only Judy Can Judge."

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