The 'Taken 2' trailer is here and it brings with it everything you'd expect: people being taken, crusty Eurotrash bad guys and Liam Neeson being a badass. It's beauty is in its simplicity.

While we probably would've preferred that a 'Taken 2' would've put former CIA operative Bryan Mills in a different scenario (oh no, now it's his wife that's been taken!), there's still something about this 'Taken 2' trailer that scratches us right where we itch. It's very much a retread of the original (try counting how many flashbacks there are, just in the trailer alone) but it's executed flawlessly and when Liam Neeson is on, it's on.

Then there's the closing line, which is one of the best in recent trailer memory and is delivered with the kind of gravitas only Liam Neeson can provide. We won't ruin it for you here but stick around and watch the whole 'Taken 2' trailer because it's worth it.

'Taken 2' hits theaters on October 5th.