'Taken 2' sees the return of Liam Neeson but instead of being the one on the hunt (remember in the original when he used his particular set of skills to save his daughter?), now he's the hunted.

The 'Taken 2' trailer will be in theaters this weekend with 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' but via the magic of the internet, you can watch it online now.

The original 'Taken' was a surprise success that no doubt worked because of the considerable gravitas of star Liam Neeson. And in this new trailer, he pulls of some classic lines like when he daughter (you know, Maggie Grace, the one he had to save in the first one) asks him what he's going to do and he says, with that steely-eyed glare, "What I do best."

Awwww yeah.

In the film, Liam Neeson returns as Bryan Mills, the retired CIA agent with a “particular set of skills” who stopped at nothing to save his daughter Kim from kidnappers.  When the father of one of the villains Bryan killed swears revenge, and takes Bryan and his wife hostage in Istanbul, Bryan enlists Kim to help them escape.  Bryan then employs his unique tactics to get his family to safety and systematically take out the kidnappers, one by one.

You can watch the 'Taken 2' trailer below.