Although not as publicized as award-winner Me and Earl and the Dying Girl following this year’s Sundance film festival, Tangerine was also a movie that got a lot of people talking. It’s the first film shot entirely on an iPhone to get a theatrical release, but that’s not the only exciting aspect — the film centers on two transgender women of color, a demographic that is sadly underrepresented in the media. And now you can see why this film is generating so much buzz via a new red band trailer.

Tangerine was shot entirely on an iPhone 5S, and while you might assume that wouldn’t exactly result in the most cinematic feature, the film looks pretty darn sharp. From director Sean Baker (Starlet), the film follows Sin-Dee (Kitana Kiki Rodriguez) and Alexandra (Mya Taylor), two transgender women working as prostitutes in Los Angeles. Upon her release from prison, Sin-Dee finds out that her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend cheated on her, so she decides to hunt the fishy white girl down to exact some revenge.

The leading ladies of Tangerine had no prior acting experience, and were cast after Baker met them at the Los Angeles LGBT Center. It’s great to see an LGBT-centric narrative starring two transgender women of color, and from everything I’ve heard about Tangerine following its Sundance debut, it’s not a film you want to miss.

Tangerine is produced by prolific indie filmmakers Jay and Mark Duplass, and hits theaters on July 10.

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