In case you had any faith in Hollywood’s treatment of women, you’re about to be very let down and very disgusted.

Last week, Women in Hollywood spotted a casting call by a Los Angeles-based agency that read, and I kid you not, “Casting Whores for Quentin Tarantino project.” The ad has been picking up steam this week after being covered by The Cut. Here’s what the rest of the call, which has reportedly since been taken down from the agency’s Facebook page, read in full:

Casting Whores for Quentin Tarantino project. Caucasian, non-union females, ages 18–35. Western film shoots June 21st-25th in Los Angeles. No highlights, natural eyebrows, natural breasts, natural hair color to be true to the period. Dress sizes 2–8. Please send photo, including sizes.”

Feel free to take a moment to rinse the vomit out of your mouth. Women in Hollywood reached out to the agency, who’s name they’ve kept private, and learned that the specific terminology for the ad was taken from the film’s script, which is reportedly being produced by Tarantino. But have no fear, this project is not only being written by, but will be directed by a woman! Great, a super gross sexist casting call from a female filmmaker!

It goes without saying that using the word “whore” to seek out female sex workers or actresses to play sex workers on screen is incredibly offensive, especially to those working in the sex industry. Sex work is shamed badly enough in our culture, but it doesn't help that the film industry also partakes in sexist advertisements for those seeking employment. Even worse, the ad specified that applicants send their photo using only the word “Whore” in the email subject line. The request to get “Whore” tattooed across their faces for the role must have been left out of the casting call.

There’s a variety of other acceptable and less offensive words that could’ve been used in the casting call. Why not post an ad seeking women to play prostitutes, brothel maidens or saloon girls, as Women in Hollywood suggested?

What’s next? A Tarantino casting call using the “N-word,” which we know he’s a big fan of.