After you watch the new story trailer for Tearaway, you'll probably realize that you've always wanted nothing more than to play with virtual paper.

The good folks at Media Molecule have provided a new trailer for Tearaway that touches on the charming game's story. The conceit of Tearaway is built upon the idea that stories are almost always told on paper. Whether it be a book, a plane ticket or a letter, there are tons of stories that can be told through the medium of paper. Tearaway's story will feature you and how the game's main character, the Messenger, needs to deliver a message to you.

Tearaway is full of stories and characters that are derived folklore and help build the magical world that you hold in your hands. You'll be able to collect papercraft plans and build the entire world. We don't know about you, but all of this talk of stories and creativity is getting us pumped.

Check out the trailer above and expect to weave some magic in Tearaway when it hits the PlayStation Vita on Nov. 22.