Get ready to hold a whole paper world within the palms of your hands when Tearaway launches for the PlayStation Vita.

Tearaway is coming at you from the minds behind LittleBigPlanet at Media Molecule. Instead of felts and fabrics, Tearaway puts you in a world of paper. Or, rather, it puts a world of paper in your hands, in which you have to help a little papercraft messenger cross the land in order to deliver a message especially for you.

You'll use the Vita's many features, like both front and back touchscreens, to help the messenger navigate the world. Perhaps he needs a boost to jump up somewhere high? You can use you finger to tap the bottom touchscreen, which will cause the ground beneath him to burst up!

Check out the launch trailer above to see what other kinds of cool things you'll be able to do in the world of Tearaway when it's released for the Vita on Nov. 22.