How bad is Vince Vaughn’s hair in this movie? So bad there’s actually a joke about it in the trailer, presumably because everyone in the audience is already thinking about it.

Probably not the best sign when your star’s hilariously terrible hair is the big takeaway from your first trailer. Hopefully Term Life, a crime thriller based on an Image graphic novel by A.J Liberman and Nick Thornborrow, has some more tricks up its sleeve (and under its hairpiece). Here’s a plot synopsis, taken from Wikipedia:

A thief (Vaughn) who plans and sells heists to the highest bidder takes his estranged daughter (Hailee Steinfeld) on the lam when a job goes bad. Hunted by mob bosses, contract killers and dirty cops, he takes out a life insurance policy on himself to leave something for her.

The trailer certainly mentions the selling heists conceit, but it doesn’t make any mention of life insurance, which had me wondering where the title came from (at least until I read that synopsis). Funky follicles aside, this is a weird role for Vaughn, who doesn’t exactly strike the figure of an intimidating badass. The rest of the cast looks good, though; Steinfeld, Bill Paxton, Taraji P. Henson, Terence Howard, and Vaughn’s old Swingers running buddy Jon Favreau. (The movie is also directed by Peter Billingsley, who’s worked with Vaughn and Favreau on numerous projects, including Couples Retreat.)

Term Life opens on April 8, 2016. I hope Vince Vaughn’s already gotten a haircut.