Say it with us, boys and girls: “Intellectual Property.” That’s the name of the game for getting TV a quicker pop in a crowded landscape, and The A-Team’s latest plan may finally come together. Sources say a new TV reboot has entered development, starting up a new team with some personnel changes along the way.

Per Deadline, 20th Century Fox TV is gearing up a new rendition of Stephen J. Cannell’s 1980s A-Team, a new series altogether, rather than continuation of the original continuity, or the 2010 film reboot. Fast & Furious writer-producer Chris Morgan will executive producer Cannell’s daughter, Tawnia McKiernan, while Sleepy Hollow EP Albert Kim will write the script.

This time around, The A-Team will add a few women to the team as it updates the basic premise:

Like the original NBC show, the new A-Team revolves around a diverse team of American Special Forces operatives. Unlike the original all-male squad, the new team will include both male and female members. The group has been framed for a crime they didn’t commit and set out to clear their names by uncovering the black-ops conspiracy that set them up.

Along the way, they are driven to help those in need by using their singular military skills, high-tech expertise and often conflicting individual approaches. It’s described as a fun episodic mission-of-the-week show that mixes big action-adventure sequences with compelling characters, inventive cons and lots of humor.

After all, if Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Sharlto Copely, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Jessica Biel can’t resuscitate the franchise, what’s to lose on TV? No word if the new A-Team would at least involve or updated any of the original characters, but does a revitalized take sound worthwhile, or a foolishly pitiable offense?