Chances are you've seen Kate Micucci pop up in one sitcom or another in the last few years, in everything from 'Scrubs' to 'Raising Hope,' but the actress/musician may have just booked her biggest casting yet. 'The Big Bang Theory' has tapped Micucci to appear in a multi-episode arc as a new love interest for series regular Raj Koothrapali (Kunal Nayyar), but will the character serve an altogether different role? Find out the latest 'Big Bang Theory' scoop inside!

Fans of CBS' comedy powerhouse 'The Big Bang Theory' well know that Raj Koothrapali has never had much luck with the ladies, even after summoning up the liquid courage to talk to one, and that recent seasons have seemingly started pushing the character's affections in a decidedly different direction. That may change, however, as The Hollywood Reporter reveals producers have tapped actress/musician Kate Micucci to appear as a potential new love-interest for the character over a multi-episode arc.

Initial details about the character are being kept under wraps for the moment, but Micucci's character Lucy will first appear in February 14 episode "The Tangible Affection Proof," which co-star Johnny Galecki previously teased could see a potential proposal among the characaters. Micucci's appearance will also likely bring to light Raj's recent characterization, which has seen the perpetually lonely astrophysicist growing closer and closer with comic shop owner Stuart (Kevin Sussman).

What say you? Do you think 'The Big Bang Theory' is finally giving a real love interest for Raj in Kate Micucci, or are the producers pulling a bit of a bait and switch? Tell us what you want to see from the rest of the season in the comments!