Even in its sixth season, CBS' nerdy powerhouse 'The Big Bang Theory' continues to grow and grow, seemingly topping its ratings records with each successive installment. And you know how it is with TV, nothing builds bigger ratings than holidays and matrimony! So why not both? New reports suggest that 'The Big Bang Theory' is hard at work on its upcoming Valentine's Day episode, one which might see at least one character down on one knee! Get the latest 'Big Bang Theory' intelligence inside!

'The Big Bang Theory' fans well know that Leonard and Penny have had a rocky road toward getting back together in the current season, but might their latest go round stick? Series star Johnny Galecki isn't telling, but he did offer details to The Hollywood Reporter of their upcoming February 14 Valentine's Day episode. "It's a big one for Leonard and Penny -- there might be somebody getting down on one knee."

Of course, it wouldn't be the first time that Leonard put forth the idea of marriage, but something tells us that a Valentine's attempt might go over a bit better than his previous proposal. "The ball is still in her court," says Galecki. "The last couple of seasons have really been about her emotional inabilities. It's made that character of Penny a well-rounded one, and you'd assume [their breakup] would always be Leonard's fault, but he's been a pretty good partner to her."

'The Big Bang Theory' will return January 31 with "The Cooper/Kripke Inversion," but in the meantime what say you? Is it time for another 'Big Bang Theory' engagement? Might Sheldon and Amy be the ones really taking the plunge? Give us your theories in the comments!