Let 'The Big Bang Theory' stand as proof, even from the deep dark recesses of outer space, there really is no way to escape an angry woman. Though everyone's favorite CBS nerd comedy won't return for another week, entering into a stiff Thursday competition that includes 'The Office' and 'Glee,' the eye has issued yet another clip from season premiere episode "The Date Night Variable." Last time, we saw Howard struggling to deal with his mother from afar, but who now is giving him a hard time from the confines of Earth?

Talk about your long-distance relationships. Earlier we saw Howard Wolowitz getting into a disagreement with his mother from space, not having told her that he and his new wife Bernadette planned to finally move out of his childhood home. Well, any guesses who else might have found themselves a bit miffed that Howard didn't effectively communicate that plan, aside from his mother?

The latest clip from 'The Big Bang Theory's' season 6 premiere "The Date Night Variable" sees Howard once again taking the business end of an angry woman, though this time it's Bernadette via Skype. With that kind of reception waiting at home, why not just stay in space? And where are the other couples in all of this?

Check out the clip over at Entertainment Weekly, and tell us what you want to see from 'The Big Bang Theory's' new season when it debuts on September 27!