Enjoying its highest-rated season to date, 'The Big Bang Theory' is at no shortage of famous guest stars in its sixth year, already featuring the likes of Buzz Aldrin and returning 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' stars Wil Wheaton and Levar Burton, so who might be next to 'Bang' out an appearance? About the last person you'd expect Sheldon Cooper to tangle with, tough-as-nails 'Southland' star Regina King! Find out what's got Sheldon in trouble inside!

Sheldon Cooper, under fire for sexual harassment? That might be the case when the esteemed physicist faces down 'Southland's' Regina King in an upcoming January episode of 'The Big Bang Theory.' According to The Hollywood Reporter, King will portray Mrs. Davis, head of human resources at the university, who finds herself interrogating Sheldon after the awkward scientist shares an uncomfortable conversation with his attractive assistant Alex (Margo Harshman).

King, also known for her work in 'Ray' and voicing both brothers of Adult Swim's animated adaptation of 'The Boondocks,' will continue on with 'Southland' season 5 when the show resumes in February. Elsewhere, the sixth season of 'The Big Bang Theory' has also included appearances from 'Mad Men's' Ryan Cartwright as Penny's college classmate, and former 'Roseanne' star Meagan Fay as Bernadette's mother.

What say you? Could King's appearance make 'The Big Bang Theory' shoot even higher this season? Who would you like to see guest on the show?