Sacha Baron Cohen has skewered American provincialism and decimated the fashion world. Now, Borat and Bruno is taking on James Bond.

In The Brothers Grimsby, which Cohen co-wrote along with starring in, is about two long-lost brothers. After getting separated in childhood, one (Mark Strong) went on to become a great British spy. Other other, didn’t go on at all; he grew up to become an idiot man-child (Cohen, obviously). For years, Cohen’s Nobby has been searching for Strong’s Sebastian. He finds him, in the midst of an important operation, mucks it all up, and then gets drawn into a wild spy chase. Plus they basically recreate the part of The Interview where Seth Rogen has to decide whether or not to shove something up his butt or die. In this case, Nobby has to suck poison out of Sebastian’s, uh, nob, before he dies. Tee hee.

The cast also includes Isla Fischer (Cohen’s real-life wife), Rebel Wilson (playing Cohen’s fictional wife), Gabourey Sidibe, Ian McShane, and Penelope Cruz. Plus action fans will recognize Scott Adkins as the “Ukranian Ben Affleck” that fights with Cohen. Adkins is awesome (although, yes, he does kind of look like Ben Affleck). The Brothers Grimsby opens in theaters on March 11. And, as a bonus attraction, here’s Sacha Baron Cohen reprising the role of Borat on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote the Grimsby trailer. Wah wah wee wah! I like! Very nice! Etc.

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