The teaser for the new film 'The Comedy' starring Tim Heidecker of comedy duo 'Tim and Eric' takes a different approach to marketing -- rather than use pull quotes from positive reviews, it uses the more negative quotes from reviews. See the movie or don't, this trailer doesn't seem to really care.

This trailer from Vulture is sort of perfect for the tone of 'The Comedy,' the new film from Richard Alverson that stars Tim Heidecker as a privileged, slacker-y hipster-type in Brooklyn who's just waiting around to claim his inheritance from his ailing father. He's joined by LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy and 'Tim and Eric' buddy Eric Wareheim, who play his equally complacent and obnoxious pals.

The film divided audiences at Sundance and SXSW earlier this year, as evidenced by the quotes featured in the teaser, with one critic saying it's "one of the most wildly inappropriate and pitch black comedies I’ve ever seen in my life."

'The Comedy' is being billed humorously as a drama, and it certainly has that element, but it's really a fantastically bleak look at a disaffected, aimless hipster entering old age. His apathetic attitude and impending inheritance spark something within him that drives him to push boundaries and find something.... well, not really fulfilling, but maybe just different.

Check out the teaser below:

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