Before he gets to work on Aquaman, James Wan has returned to the genre he knows best with The Conjuring 2, reuniting with Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga for the followup to his hit 2013 horror film. The director has posted some neat photos from the set, where he’s taken a few locations in London back in time to the 1970s.

The sequel is reportedly titled The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist, and sees Ed and Lorraine Warren (Wilson and Farmiga) investigating paranormal activity at a council house in 1970s London. While Warner Bros. has yet to release an official synopsis, the title is taken from a real case the Warrens investigated when a single mother reported strange occurrences including demonic voices and objects moving around on their own.

As you can see in one of the photos below, the returning stars are joined by Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation star Simon McBurney, though we’re not sure who he’s playing in the film. Not pictured is the sequel’s other new cast member, Frances O’Connor, who is reportedly playing the terrorized mother who asks for the Warrens’ help.

Pictured above is the first photo of Farmiga and Wilson back on set, shared by Wilson over the summer.

The Conjuring 2 was scripted by David Leslie Johnson (Orphan), who was recently tapped to re-team with Wan on Aquaman.

The Conjuring 2 hits theaters on June 10, 2016.

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