The CW may have decided to move forward on a new superhero pilot 'Arrow' without the involvement of Justin Hartley, but that doesn't mean the former 'Smallville' star will be seeing green any time soon.

Best known for his seasons-long 'Smallville' portrayal of DC superhero Green Arrow and alter-ego Oliver Queen (and prior to that, a failed CW pilot for Aquaman!), Justin Hartley is returning to the network that made him famous with a new fall pilot for The CW entitled 'First Cut.'

According to Deadline TV, 'First Cut' tells the story of a newly-minted female hospital doctor (sounds a little 'Grey's Anatomy, no?), with Hartley playing Will, a "golden boy" surgical intern popular with the female and male staff of the hospital alike.

Jennie Snyder  of '90210' and 'Lipstick Jungle' fame  will write and executive produce the 'First Cut' pilot, produced by CBS Studios.

This casting news is of course not to be confused with The CW's announcement of a separate pilot based on the DC superhero Green Arrow entitled simply 'Arrow,' distinct from Hartley's 'Smallville' incarnation, and played by 'Hung's Stephen Arnell.  Fans clamored for Hartley to return to the roll, but something tells us the idea might have been a little too confusing for new audiences to hit the mark.

What say you Justin Hartley fans, whom I'm creatively taking the initiative to dub "Hartleys " from now on?  Do you like the idea of The CW picking up a new 'Grey's'-esque medical drama with Justin in the lead, or will you just tune in to boo the new Green Arrow?  Give us the 'First Cut' of your thoughts in the comments section below!

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