It’s probably not easy to convince people to attend their high school reunions without some incentive — who wants to relive the embarrassing, awkward hell of high school over the course of three to four hours? (This is why these events have booze.) In the trailer for The D Train, Jack Black heads up a high school reunion committee which is having a little trouble, until they realize one of their former classmates is a moderately successful actor. Problem solved?

The first trailer for The D Train doesn’t exactly make the film’s intentions clear — yes, Black’s Dan is sort of pathetically obsessed with organizing the best high school reunion possible, so he sets out to wrangle Oliver Lawless (James Marsden), a former classmate who is now starring in Banana Boat commercials. If he can convince Oliver to attend, then more people will be eager to come. But…then what?

The D Train appears to be a kind of mismatched buddy comedy thing, although early reviews out of Sundance indicate a dramedy in which Black and Marsden’s characters develop an interesting relationship, to say the least.

There aren’t a whole lot of laughs in the trailer, but there are tons of very talented, funny people involved: Kathryn Hahn as Black’s wife, Jeffrey Tambor as his boss, and longtime Black pal Mike White as one of his fellow reunion committee members.

The D Train hits theaters on May 8.