Forget about the Golden Globes and the Oscars for one second, and let's focus instead on what the fans think about the best movies and TV shows of 2012. We at ScreenCrush asked you, our loyal movie- and TV-obsessed readers, to start voting on your picks for the best 2012 had to offer, and so far we've got some tid bits to report -- 'The Dark Knight Rises' is leading 'The Avengers' to take home the title of Best Movie, while 'Sons of Anarchy' is trending to win Best TV Series over 'The Walking Dead'!

Unhappy with those wins? Don't worry because this is a preview. There's still a week left in the polls and your votes can change the tide.

So far, Christopher Nolan's finale to the epic Batman trilogy is likely to take home more than just Best Movie in this year's ScreenCrush Awards. The fans have spoken and, if the current numbers keep up, the flick will also take home Best Movie Poster of 2012, though it's losing in the Best Movie Trailer (of which 'Iron Man 3' is currently winning) and Most Kick-Ass Fight Scene (of which 'The Avengers' is winning) categories.

In terms of TV, fans have propelled FX series 'Sons of Anarchy' thousands of votes ahead of its main competition, AMC's 'The Walking Dead.' 'The Big Bang Theory' is also winning big (so far) in the Funniest Sitcom category, with 'Modern Family' and 'How I Met Your Mother' trailing closely behind.

Here's the complete list movies and TV shows leading the various categories... so far:

Best Movie of 2012: 'The Dark Knight Rises' [Vote Now]
Best Movie Trailer of 2012: 'Iron Man 3' [Vote Now]
Best Movie Poster of 2012: 'The Dark Knight Rises' [Vote Now]
Worst Movie of 2012: 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' [Vote Now]
Funniest Sitcom/Comedy of 2012: 'The Big Bang Theory' [Vote Now]
Best TV Series: 'Sons of Anarchy' [Vote Now]
Best Cosplay of 2012: Lady Bane [Vote Now]
Most Kick-Ass Fight Scene of 2012: 'The Avengers' [Vote Now]
Biggest Movie Eyegasm of 2012: 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' [Vote Now]
Most WTF Moment of 2012: Honey Boo Boo Child [Vote Now]

If your pick isn't in the lead, there's still time to make sure your vote is heard. Click on over to our master voting list to give your favorite movies and TV shows some love! Winners of the 2012 ScreenCrush Awards will be announced on Wednesday, January 16th!

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