It's that time of year for the 2012 ScreenCrush Awards, where we look back and rank of the best moments from movies and TV.

As we've mentioned before, sitcoms and comedies are a separate beast from the more dramatic series like 'The Walking Dead' and 'Sons of Anarchy.' 'Modern Family' has always been a popular choice among TV audiences, and the same goes for 'Parks and Recreation' and 'The Office.' The question is, which one of these shows had their best season in 2012? Vote for your favorite in our poll after the break!

We've taken the liberty to narrow down the candidates a bit, since there are so many that have come (and gone) in 2012. Check out the full list below, and vote for the funniest season of a TV sitcom/comedy in our poll at the bottom of the page. Be sure to also let us know if we should include any that aren't already on the list!

'30 Rock'

'Parks and Recreation'

'The Office'


'Modern Family'

'How I Met Your Mother'



'American Dad'

'Family Guy'

'The Simpsons'

'New Girl'


'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia'

'The League'

'The Big Bang Theory'

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