Just on the heels of some new photos and all those new posters, 'The Dark Knight Rises' is beginning its final marketing push, and the latest is the first TV spot for the movie. And it's not just a cut-down version of the film's last trailer, it's got new footage and a couple of jokes.

Until 'The Avengers' started making insane money, it seemed like nothing was going to keep 'TDKR' from being the king of the summer.  And perhaps it will be when it hits theaters July 20, but it's got some stiff competition. That said, Christopher Nolan's final entry in his Batman trilogy is going to be a monster when it comes out.

And perhaps it's just the cutting, but the football sequence and the outdoor brawl come off a lot better in this TV spot than they have in the trailers. Maybe it's some post-production tweaking, or briefer glimpses, but this gets us more pumped than the last trailer did. Or maybe it's the moments of levity, though it could be the sight of the hovering Batwing. This is a well cut TV spot that does the trick. It also doesn't reveal too much that we haven't seen before, though there are some brief glimpses of new footage.