James Cameron can make any movie he wants. That's what happens when you direct 'Titanic,' set the box office record for highest grossing film of all time (unadjusted), and then best that record with 'Avatar' - your very next film. Cameron wanted to direct 'The Dive' but his attentions have gone elsewhere, and now 20th Century Fox has attached Martin Campbell, according to Deadline Hollywood.

Though Campbell unquestionably revitalized the James Bond franchise with his 'Casino Royale,' his subsequent works have not shown the same success of quality. 'Edge of Darkness' was meant to be Mel Gibson's return to the big screen (this was after calling a female cop "sugar tits" but before wishing his ex-wife was raped by black men), and then followed that with 'The Green Lantern,' which was met with disappointment both critically and commercially. Campbell needs a hit.

So it's odd that he'd want on 'The Dive' which tells the real life story of Francisco “Pipin” Ferraras and wife Audrey Mestre, free-divers who set the world's record for the furthest depth swam on one breath. Tragically, Mestre died attempting to break her record. I can understand Cameron's interest in this story, but I don't know how this is a very commercial movie. Perhaps Campbell will prove me wrong.