After making the film festival rounds for the past six months or so, Zal Batmanglij's 'The East' is finally heading to theaters and a new trailer has arrived, giving us a look at the 'Sound of My Voice' director's new thriller.

In 'Sound of My Voice,' Batmanglij cast co-writer Brit Marling as the leader of a mysterious cult that finds itself infiltrated by an outsider. For 'The East,' he's cast her as an outsider who infiltrates an environmental activist group. So, in a weird way, this is a sort of reverse remake of his last film, albeit without the sci-fi touches that defined 'Sound of My Voice.'

In fact, 'The East' appears to take place in a world that is very much our own, following Marling as she joins the titular activists with every intention of bringing them down for her corporate employers. Naturally, things don't go as planned, she gets too attached to the group and...well, we can only assume that there will be much pain, both physical and emotional.

Although Marling isn't particularly known to most audiences, she's backed up by Alexander Skarsgard and Ellen Page as members of The East, and Patricia Clarkson as her boss. Hopefully, 'The East' will convince more people to check out Marling's other work as a writer and actress, including 'Sound of My Voice' and 'Another Earth.'

'The East' opens on May 31. You can read our review of the film from SXSW right here.

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