The Equalizer is sort of the ultimate action movie for dads — the big climactic scene takes place in a home improvement store, with Denzel Washington using tools in ways Tim Taylor never could have imagined in his darkest moments. And if you’re itching to see Washington kick more bad guy butt, you’ll get your chance to do so…in 2017.

Sony has announced a September 29, 2017 release date (via Exhibitor Relations) for The Equalizer 2, which reunites Washington with Equalizer director Antoine Fuqua to tell the further adventures of Robert McCall, a former CIA agent with a very particular set of skills — skills that he would prefer not to use in his retirement, but they come in handy when the nice people he cares about get in big trouble.

Washington is currently working with Fuqua — who also directed him in Training Day — on the director’s remake of The Magnificent Seven. The Equalizer 2 marks the first time in Washington’s long, wonderful career that he’ll reprise a role, and it’s a pretty solid one to take out for another spin.

The first film, inspired by the classic television series of the same name, centered on Washington’s McCall, a retired CIA agent who gets dragged into the dangerous world of Russian mobsters when he tries to help a young prostitute he’s recently — and reluctantly — befriended. The action escalates pretty quickly, culminating in the delightful (if not entirely expected) shot of Washington walking away from an explosion.

Here’s hoping for even more hero shots of Washington calmly walking away from big fires in The Equalizer 2.

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