TVLand's 'The Exes' isn't something we normally follow, but when the stars of our favorite past series stage a reunion, we can't help but turn our heads for 'The Exes.''  Series star Donald Faison has certainly moved on from his 'Scrubs' days, but what could former 'Scrubs' star and real-life friend Zach Braff have to offer?  Will the stars play best friends, or butt heads?

According to TVLand, 'The Exes' is set to endure both guy love and a 'Scrubs' reunion as Zach Braff joins his former co-star Donald Faison for an episode to air August 29.  Rather than the best friends they're known for however, Braff will play a pro tennis player named Chuck Feeney, who is a new client of Faison’s character Phil.

One thing's for sure, the dynamic between the two is sure to be a bit different, as while Braff's Chuck Feeney is known for being a notorious womanizer, the character turns out to be more of "a man's man."  Guy love, indeed.  While Braff can next be seen in 'Oz: The Great and Powerful' beginning in March 13, 'The Exes' marks the actor's first major TV gig since a recurring role on the revamped ninth season of 'Scrubs.'

What say you?  Are you happy to have the 'Scrubs' stars reunited on-screen?  Will their "guy love" be enough to get you to watch 'The Exes?'  Sound off in the comments below!