Looks like the ladies are officially getting their own version of 'The Expendables,' but because Hollywood and everyone in this country can't just give women something without giving it a flowery name, it's going to be called 'The ExpendaBelles.' Oh, and they just hired the 'Legally Blonde' writers to pen the script.

When when WHEN will people stop trying to package things for women with stupid names? Why can't this movie be called something smarter? Like, we don't know, maybe 'The Disposables'? Nevermind. That reminds people of tampons. How about 'The Dispensables'? Yeah, that's the ticket.

But no. There's a lady version of 'The Expendables' and it's called 'The ExpendaBelles' because it's girly and obvious and we're pretty sure some lady on this mercenary squad will have a pink gun and oh, just kill us right now.

Deadline reports that 'Legally Blonde' writers Karen McCullah Lutz and Kirsten Smith have been hired to pen the script, which almost guarantees this thing is going to reach peak estrogen faster than you can say "please pass the Midol and chocolate and a Cathy comic ACK." The pair have also been responsible for writing films like 'The Ugly Truth' (ugh), 'She's the Man' (ugh), and... '10 Things I Hate About You'? Okay, there might be some hope left in this thing yet.