There have been some rumors that the fish-eyed Admiral Ackbar from the original Star Wars trilogy would be making an appearance in The Force Awakens. But like approximately 85 percent of Star Wars news, it’s been pure speculation — until now. Actor and puppeteer Tim Rose has officially confirmed his return as Ackbar for The Force Awakens, and no, it’s not a trap.

Rose played Admiral Ackbar in the original trilogy, and the character has resurfaced throughout the years in books, comics and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. In a new interview with The Australian (via Blastr), Rose confirmed that he is indeed returning for The Force Awakens, adding that the secrecy required for the film has been “frustrating,” but he’s thrilled to get back in the animatronic suit:

It takes a unique sort of masochist to ever want to do it in the first place. But the joy of doing it is the joy of animatronics, and that’s taking the foam latex, an inanimate object, and making people think it’s alive.

I’d like to think I gave Ackbar something special which you can tell. I think you can. I can tell when I see my friends who do specialised and full body suit work no matter what character they go into; I can tell you exactly who it is because I know their movements so well.

And although Rose obviously couldn’t say much about The Force Awakens, he did add that “if you were a fan of the original three, you’re going to absolutely love this one to bits.”

Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters on December 18.

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