After a string of underwhelming films, John Travolta is trying his damnedest (and really giving an effort, judging by this trailer) to deliver. He’s not just faced with the impossible challenge of pulling off the most difficult heist in history in the trailer for The Forger, but he’s also faced with a couple of other challenges: first, to win back the affections of the movie-going public, and second, wearing that ridiculous hair.

Travolta is really giving a performance in The Forger, at least going off the first trailer for the upcoming drama-thriller. He’s got a kicky accent and he’s acting opposite Christopher Plummer and up-and-comer Tye Sheridan. That’s some serious talent. In the film, Travolta plays Raymond Cutter, the world’s most skilled art forger (naturally), who makes a deal with some bad guys for an early prison release in exchange for an exceptionally difficult mission: steal a famous Claude Monet painting and replace it with a forged copy.

And since his father (Plummer) and son (Sheridan) are absolutely nuts, they decide to help him, risking their own lives and futures for the sake of John Travolta and the worst goatee in history (second only to that of one Mr. Guy Fieri).

The Forger also stars Abigail Spencer, Anson Mount and Jennifer Ehle, and will be available exclusively on DirecTV starting March 26 before hitting theaters and VOD on April 24.