Like Doctor Strange, The Girl on the Train just keeps hogging all the great actors, leaving none for the rest of the world. The latest addition might be the best yet, as Lisa Kudrow has hopped aboard the upcoming adaptation of Paula Hawkins’ best-selling thriller novel, joining Emily Blunt and Rebecca Ferguson in what is quickly becoming the Mount Rushmore of awesome women.

THR reports that Kudrow has joined the cast of The Girl on the Train, with The Help director Tate Taylor behind the camera. In a cute bit of casting, Kudrow will play a character named Monica opposite Blunt’s Rachel, which surely will not become annoying every time this is mentioned in the proximity of someone who was really, really into Friends.

The Girl on the Train centers on Rachel (stop), a heavy-drinking woman struggling to cope when her husband leaves her for his mistress. During her daily commute to work, Rachel glimpses a seemingly perfect couple and becomes increasingly obsessed with them. But a grisly murder soon reveals that Rachel is far more involved in their lives than she previously imagined.

The film also stars Jared Leto, Justin Theroux (who recently replaced Chris Evans), Haley Bennett, Edgar Ramirez and Allison Janney. Kudrow’s character is a former co-worker of Blunt’s ex-husband, played by Theroux. And as if you needed another layer of Friends insanity: Theroux is married to Jennifer Aniston, who played Rachel on Friends. It’s the circle of casting life, or something.

That silliness aside, Kudrow is often an undervalued actress with insanely immense talent and versatility — any film or TV series should feel blessed (#blessed, even) to have her on board.