The US trailer for Wong Kar-Wai's 'The Grandmaster' has arrived, and we hope you brought your umbrellas, 'cause this martial arts film is looking pretty slick. (And also because there's lots of rain.)

Unfortunately, the trailer for Wong Kar-Wai's latest, 'The Grandmaster,' comes courtesy Yahoo! Movies and their horrible video platform, but that shouldn't keep you from enjoying this gorgeous look at the impressive director's new film.

The trailer features a hilarious voice over track from someone who sounds like Lance Henriksen trying to sell men's razors or cologne. The voice explains that the only two words you need to know in the world of martial arts are "horizontal" and "vertical." We're pretty sure that's not entirely accurate. And judging by the fighting going on in this trailer, we're right.

'The Grandmaster' is based on the life of the legendary Chinese kung fu master, Ip Man, and takes place during the time just after the last Chinese dynasty fell and the country endured a troublesome Republican era. Though it was a time of war and anguish, it also ushered in the golden era of martial arts. The film stars Tony Leung and Ziyi Zhang and, as you can see in this awesome trailer, a TON of rain.

'The Grandmaster' hits theaters on August 23.