We’re just a week away from the release of Eli Roth’s long-delayed The Green Inferno, which encountered a few studio issues after its initial debut on the festival circuit a couple of years ago. But the film is finally hitting theaters, and we have a new, very NSFW clip to prep you for all the bloody, cannibalistic mayhem — if you can handle it.

In the new red band clip, one of guys from the group of eco-minded college do-gooders is given a bowl of mysterious liquid to drink before being strapped down to a rock and having his eye gouged out in brutal, bloody fashion. Roth’s film offers a throwback to the classic, gory cannibal horror flicks of the ’70s (The Green Inferno was actually the alternate title for Ruggero Deodato’s Cannibal Holocaust), which now serve as endurance tests of sorts for contemporary horror fans.

Like those films, Roth’s Green Inferno is exceptionally bloody and violent with a streak of dark humor throughout. The film centers on a group of privileged American student activists whose misguided efforts to “save the rainforest” find them stranded in the Amazon, where a tribe of cannibals awaits them to punish them for their self-righteousness.

The Green Inferno has earned some mixed reviews, but you’ll finally get to see Roth’s take on the cannibal sub-genre when the film hits theaters on September 25.