The team behind the horror hit 'You're Next' are back, and 'The Guest' trailer looks like the duo have another winner on their hands. We've already seen director Adam Wingard and writer Simon Barrett give audiences a fresh take on home-invasion slasher flicks, and 'The Guest' is another creative spin on classic horror tropes.

'The Guest' screened at SXSW earlier this year (we saw it and loved it), and star Dan Stevens has maniacal charm down pat. In the film, the actor portrays a soldier who shows up one day at the door of the Peterson family, claiming to be a friend of their son, also a soldier, who died in action. Of course, things go wrong after he's invited in, and soon a slew of "accidental" deaths conveniently coincide with this stranger's appearance.

While 'The Guest' trailer barely lasts a minute, horror fans should already be getting amped for the next round from Wingard and Barrett. The duo have proven themselves creative in an overworked genre, and 'The Guest' seems like another win to add to their resume.

'The Guest' doesn't currently have a US release date.