Can you imagine a week-long road trip with your mother? What if your mother were Barbra Streisand?! That would be crazy, right? Fortunately for you, there's no need to imagine such a thing -- Hollywood has done it for you! Paramount Pictures' 'The Guilt Trip,' starring Seth Rogen and Ms. Streisand is coming home for the holidays, and today brings us the first clip from the comedy. Watch it after the break!

The clip in question essentially sets up the entire premise in less than a minute: Rogen awkwardly and hesitantly asks his mother (Streisand) to accompany him on a road trip. We can gather that his mom is an overbearing sort; Rogen's obvious trepidation hints that this trip is going to be an emotionally grueling one. What he doesn't know is that all sorts of life lessons will be learned and he'll ultimately gain a newfound respect and admiration for his maternal unit.

'The Guilt Trip,' opening on Christmas Day, also stars Colin Hanks, Adam Scott and Yvonne Strahovski. Take a gander at the clip below and let us know if this is a journey you'll sign up for in December.

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