Before he was set to direct the remake of The Crow, director Corin Hardy helmed a spooky Irish horror flick called The Hallow. The film played festivals like Sundance and Stanley earlier this year, and to promote its fall release in the United States IFC Midnight has revealed the first official trailer for Hardy’s eerie supernatural tale.

Hardy made a name for himself with the impressive short film Butterfly before making his feature debut on The Hallow, a film that centers on a British conservationist who’s sent on assignment to explore and document the forest in a rural part of Ireland. He brings his wife and infant son along for his residency, but when they arrive in the small town they’re confronted with warnings from the locals to stay out of the forests — there are terrifying, magical things inside, things just waiting to abduct little babies, you know.

Obviously, those warnings go unheeded and obviously, they’re more than mere folklore. The Hallow features some familiar faces — in addition to leading actors Joseph Mawle and Bojana Novakovic, the film also stars Michael McElhatton (Roose Bolton from Game of Thrones), Stuart Graham (the UK series The Fall) and Michael Smiley, the latter of whom has appeared in everything from Luther to The World’s End, and frequently stars in Ben Wheatley’s movies.

With Relativity Media’s recent collapse, we may never see what Hardy might have done with The Crow, but we can see his talent on display when The Hallow hits theaters on November 6.

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