If you had asked me about my five-year plan back in 2012, it definitely would not have included “still writing about The Crow reboot” — but here we are, in 2017, and I am still writing about this wacky movie, which was all but dead and buried when Relativity Media declared bankruptcy and sent several developing projects into the Hollywood ether. Then someone at Sony — probably the sentient pair of Bad Idea Jeans that keeps green-lighting ill-advised Spider-Man spinoffs and stealth Venom prequels — read an article about how the ’90s are cool again and decided to resurrect this Crow reboot once and for all.

That’s the story according to The Hollywood Reporter, which appears to be today’s designated source for some truly silly news. Sony has rescued every ’90s goth teen’s favorite superhero from development limbo, and will officially distribute The Crow Reborn — which is less a reboot of Alex Proyas’ 1994 film starring the late Brandon Lee, and more of a re-adaptation of James O’Barr’s original comic book series.

Before Relativity Media went under, Corin Hardy (The Hallows) was set to direct the new version of The Crow, which had Jason Momoa attached to the title role of a brooding rocker who comes back from the dead to avenge the murder of his beloved. Momoa was the most recent name in a veritable conga-line of handsome leading men either considered for or attached to the role at various times. That list included Luke Evans and Jack Huston, both of whom dropped out over the course of the film’s exhaustive road to production.

Although Hardy and Momoa have not officially signed on for the project at Sony, both are reportedly following The Crow Reborn to its new home. Reddit’s latest “stealth Venom prequel” theory is expected imminently.

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