While 'The Hangover' franchise has long-since moved on from writers Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, and will supposedly conclude after the upcoming third installment, TV continues to be a thriving medium that attracts more and more film talent.  Case in point with the eponymous writers, who will next take their talents toward a head-spinning ABC sitcom, perhaps even more difficult-to-put-together than 'The Hangover' itself?  So what's the big twist around 'Mixology,' and when can we expect to see it?

After an intense period of competition between networks, 'The Hangover' writers Jon Lucas and Scott Moore have landed at ABC to develop their first television series, reports Deadline.  And like 'The Hangover,' their new idea might hurt your brain a bit.  Titled 'Mixology,' the new ABC sitcom with a put-pilot comittment reportedly follows five guys and five girls trying to find love at a hit Manhattan bar.

Well, what's so strange about that?  The series will focus on said guys and girls looking for love...over the course of a single night!  How that would work over the course of a series is anyone's guess.

"We’ve been working in features for a while, and we couldn’t be more excited to now bring our trademark brand of lame dialogue, thin characters, and gimmicky concepts to television,” said Lucas in a statement.  Moore chimes in, “Television is definitely in a Golden Era. But with a little hard work, we think we can get that down to silver or bronze.”

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