After Warner Bros. released 10 snapshots from 'The Hobbit' movie and Peter Jackson unveiled the latest poster for Comic-Con 2012 on his Facebook page, fans of both the book and 'The Lord of the Rings' franchise have been waiting to get their hands on the next sneak peek. Well, it's finally here in the form of a lengthy scrolling image that reveals 10 scenes from the upcoming movie (the first two are shown above).

The folks over at Entertainment Weekly went one step further and created an interactive edition of the new images for an even closer look. But in case scrolling through one big banner gets a little too overwhelming, we've broken it down for you below.

So, what can we officially expect to see in 'The Hobbit'? Die-hard fans of the book will probably understand what each scene alludes to, but there are a couple we want to point out that we're really excited to see on the silver screen.

For one, we're pumped for Bilbo's encounter with the giant spiders that imprison him and his dwarf companions in webs. Shelob, the one from 'The Lord of the Rings' movies, doesn't make an appearance here (or at least, doesn't in the book), but is considered a descendant of the ones who attack the group. Then when they all escape thanks to some invisible ring action from Bilbo, their next obstacle is a tribe of elves, who captures them (yes, again) and locks them up in a dungeon.

Being the sly one of the group, Bilbo is able to steal the keys of a sleeping guardsman and free them all from captivity. Then, and this was also alluded to in the first batch of images, Bilbo hides himself and each dwarf in a barrel, which the elves use to transport their goods by having them float along a river that travels underneath their dwelling. Hence, the final image.

Do you recognize any other scenes from the book that you're excited about? Let us know in the comments.