Just last night it was reported that director Frank Darabont has (amicably) parted ways with Universal and ‘The Huntsman,’ leaving the director’s chair empty. It won’t be too long before we find out who’s replacing him, but with the director’s departure comes the potential arrival of a new star: Emily Blunt is in talks to star in the film as Charlize Theron’s sister, the sinister Snow Queen.

The Wrap reports that Blunt is negotiating with Universal to come aboard the ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ sequel, which is most definitely a sequel and not a prequel, as previously assumed with the return of Charlize Theron as Ravenna. Blunt would play Ravenna’s sister, the Snow Queen and the film’s new villain, which is some seriously perfect casting.

The sequel follows Chris Hemsworth’s Eric the Huntsman as he sets out on a quest to retrieve the stolen magic mirror, which forces him to face his own murky past and square off with the Snow Queen, who’s seeking revenge for the death of her sister. Although Universal has not yet confirmed the casting, and the studio is expected to announce a replacement for Darabont next week.

Blunt recently won the Critics Choice award for Best Actress in an Action Movie for her role in ‘Edge of Tomorrow,’ and was nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance in ‘Into the Woods.’

‘The Huntsman’ is expected to stay in schedule and hit theaters on April 22, 2016.