First announced last month, Warner Bros. is bringing Brad Bird's The Iron Giant back to theaters this fall with a newly remastered "signature edition." To go along with the re-release, WB has put together a new trailer for the beloved animated classic, so you might want to have some tissues handy because it's about to get real misty in here.

The Iron Giant wasn't a hit when it was first released in 1999, but it found a vibrant second life on home video and is now (rightfully) revered as a classic. After working as a consultant on animated shows like The Simpsons and The Critic, and before he really established himself with Pixar, Bird made his feature directorial debut on The Iron Giant, the story of a boy who befriends a robot from space and tries to protect him from a military dead set on destroying him.

Not only has the film been fully remastered for the Signature Edition, but it will also feature some new scenes previously not included in the original release. Both established fans and newbies will have plenty to love when the Signature Edition hits theaters in September.

As for Bird, he recently directed Tomorrowland for Disney and is currently working on the highly-anticipated sequel to The Incredibles for Pixar.

The Iron Giant: Signature Edition will have a limited run in theaters nationwide from September 30 to October 4.