No one was particularly surprised when AMC opted not to renew its murder-mystery adaptation 'The Killing,' especially after the series struggled to find half its audience, and alienated the other half by dragging out the murder of Rosie Larsen over two seasons.  Predictably, AMC passing on a third season still left home from Fox TV that 'The Killing' might find life on another network, but that's the usual cancellation song and dance. Or is it this time?  New forensic evidence might just pull 'The Killing' out of storage!

According to TVLine, 'The Killing' may indeed live on past its AMC cancellation.  The series had famously struggled both critically and commercially  across its second season, following its failure to resolve the central Rosie Larsen murder by its first finale.  New reports claim that both Netflix and DirecTV have entered talks with Fox TV studios to produce a third season.

Representation for Netflix reportedly declined to comment, though DirecTV was at least willing to offer a quote.  “We are constantly having conversations about bringing new shows to Audience Network, and we do take a look at everything that is available, but we haven’t made any decisions this summer in regards to new programming," says the network.

DirecTV famously carried on with both 'Friday Night Lights' and the FX legal thriller 'Damages,' while Netflix recently began production on its revival of 'Arrested Development.'  Netflix had previously entered into talks to revive FOX's discarded sci-fi epic 'Terra Nova,' as well as ABC spookfest 'The River.'

Series star Joel Kinnaman had previously expressed hope for the series beyond its second season, saying after the airing of  finale “What I Know," “We’ve invested a lot in these characters and want to see how they continue their journey.  I feel like Linden and Holder [are] just [getting] started,” says Kinnaman.  “The series would have to reboot itself,” the actor explains. “It’s like the first season [of a show], where it [would] be original material and not based on the Danish [series] anymore.”

Though talks are strictly preliminary, what say you?  Do you think we haev a shot of seeing Linden and Holder back on the case for 'The Killing' season 3?  Was AMC right to drop the series when it did?  Give us your take in the comments below!