For those of you who count yourselves unsatisfied by 'The Killing's' failure to resolve the Rosie Larsen murder within its first season...I can't help you.  But how about a brand-spanking new poster and some suggestive details about the players in question?

The latest art for 'The Killing' season 2, which debuts on AMC in a two-hour installment on Sunday, April 1 highlights the players of the first season, with lead Detective Sarah Linden in the center, against a gloomy Seattle backdrop undercut by the ominous words "Be Careful What You Uncover."  The ad, which arrives courtesy of, appropriately doesn't reveal much, but then again viewers of the first season are rather familiar with that sense of frustration.

Fans (or detractors) of ‘The Killing’s first season will recall that the finale episode “Orpheus Descending” revealed – SPOILER ALERT – Detective Holder to secretly be working against the investigation of Rosie Larsen’s murder, for reasons unknown to the audience.  This threw Sarah's arrest of Seattle city mayoral candidate Darren Richmond (Billy Campbell) into question, which only widened the mystery further.

Says AMC head of marketing Linda Schupak of the poster's significance, "When we thought about the second season, we wanted something moody and beautiful and vaguely unsettling.  This is a cop drama unlike other cop dramas, so our approach to the key art was to be as distinctive as the show itself." also points out that the presence of Rosie Larsen's parents Mitch and Stanley Larsen (Michelle Forbes and Brent Sexton) within the artwork suggests that they as well might play a deeper involvement in the mystery than previously revealed.  Schupak adds of the poster's tagline, “All of these characters have secrets. The tagline ‘Be careful what you uncover’ speaks to the discovery of those secrets and what unravels from their exposure.”

So, appropriately vague, and not at all helpful!  At least it's pretty!  We've also learned a few other tidbits to hold us over about 'The Killing' season 2, such as the casting of Marin Ireland as Detective Holder's sister Liz, but what do you think?  Does the below poster whet your appetite for some rainy murder investigating action?

Check out the poster below, give us your thoughts in the comments, and check out 'The Killing's two-hour premiere Sunday, April 1 at 8:00 / 7:00 p.m Central!