We were only mildly surprised when AMC's 'The Killing' escaped yet another cancelation to line up a fourth season on Netflix, though given the reduced episode order and the increasing demand for actors Joel Kinnaman and Mireille Enos, additional seasons seemed questionable at best. Now, showrunner Veena Sud spoke out on future episodes beyond 'The Killing' season 4, and what changes the Netflix model offered for the series.

Speaking with TVGuide, Sud revealed that 'The Killing' season 4 would likely prove to be the last we see from detectives Holder and Linden, as the upcoming six-episode season leaves the latter in a place Sud had in mind from the series' very beginning.

Season 4 is really the end game for Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder...This was the end I've wanted to tell from the very beginning. This is how I imagine the story of Sarah Linden would end. The way the season ends, I don't think that there will be another season. It's the way I've wanted to end the story from the beginning so I'm very grateful to come to this end instead of hanging like we were before.

Additionally, Sud explained that where the first two seasons explored the working-class drama of Seattle, and season 3 dove into life on the street for teenage runaways, the fourth would explore yet another economic realm, that of the wealthy and privileged. Those aren't the only major changes in store for 'The Killing' season 4 either, as the Netflix model allows episodes to run longer than on AMC (up to 59 minutes!), with less restricted content. "We're allowed to curse, which is perfect for Stephen Holder. Joel Kinnaman was very happy to learn that he could say the F-bomb."

Set amid a military school murder mystery, the final season of ‘The Killing’ features Joan Allen as the academy’s headmistress, along with student roles for Sterling Beaumon, Levi Meaden and Tyler Ross, and an appearance by Sarah’s mother, as played by Frances Fisher. The new run of episodes will most likely see what became of the relationship between Holder and Linden after the season 3 cliffhanger of “From Up Here/The Road to Hamelin” saw the latter gunning down her serial-killing former partner in cold blood against Holder’s advice.

We're still waiting on an official trailer for the August 1 release, but in the meantime, check out a three-season retrospective from Netflix below, and tell us what you want to see from 'The Killing' season 4, likely the final season!

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